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Award-Winning Writer

and Sky watcher…

Devoted to bringing the bravery and beauty

of queer lives to the page and screen


Hello! Thanks for coming by. I'm a San Francisco-based author and screenwriter. In the past, I've worked as a roofer, choreographer, journalist, stripper, instructional designer, kitten fosterer, user story developer, editor, and storyteller for the elderly. 

I'm a big sky watcher and love walking at twilight, reading about cloud types, and spotting constellations: Corona Borealis and the Pleiades are two of my favorites.

CRASHING AMERICA (Alyson) was my first novel. It was rejected by over 70 agents and publishers before finding a home with a small gay press. It is now taught in universities all over the world, and it is considered a landmark work of LGBT+ literature. It was a finalist for three awards (the Lambda Literary, Triangle, and the Northern California Book Award), an American Booksellers BookSense Notable book, and the American Library Association selected it as a recommended book. The United Kingdom's Rainbow Network and Amazon both chose it as one of the ten best LGBT books of the year. When Alexander Street Press (now ProQuest) chose it for its academic collection of landmark LGBTQ+ literature, it listed its topics as criminals, death, runaways, and lesbianism (!)

During Covid, I wrote a screenplay based on CRASHING AMERICA and am now on the search for the right talent and financing to bring the magic of the story to the big screen. Producing a mood reel, a song, and working with actors to develop the screenplay have all been transformative experiences. Aaron Shurin and Nanou Matteson have been inspired guides, and many beloved friends have been invaluable as I venture into this new territory.

My second novel, A PARTIAL HISTORY OF MY DELUSIONS, takes place in the former Yugoslavia in 1999 and an excerpt was published by Criminal Class Press. You can find my essays in various collections, such as FOR KEEPS: WOMEN TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT THEIR BODIES (Seal Press).

As an educational instructional designer, I co-wrote and developed the first Webby Award-winning math and science curriculum. And I just saw that the travel site Culture Trip listed me as one of Seven Amazing Female Contemporary Writers from SF.  (Made my day!)

I'm a practitioner of meditation and devoted to my circles of iconoclastic friends—and enjoy hosting seasonal gatherings in Precita Park in San Francisco.


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