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Lights, Camera, Crashing America & New Short Film

As Crashing America winds its way into pre-production, I've written something new, "Who's Afraid of Hollywood." I call it my very queer and very twisted valentine to the Hollywood industrial complex. It's inspired by my adventures working to get my indie feature made.

I'm thrilled to share that a director fell in love with, "Who's Afraid of Hollywood?", and within three weeks got it in front of a production company. We're now gearing up to start filming the 15-minute short in November.

I've had the honor of developing the screenplay with two amazing star actors. Once again, as with Crashing America, collaborating with talent has been a true high point. Getting the director's notes and incorporating them last week — wow! I love seeing my character-driven story transform with her visual ideas.

I can't wait to see a director dig into the Crashing America story, and if we're lucky enough to have things align, we will be filming next spring.

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