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Lotsa folks inspire me with my scripts .

Cath Tyner, is an example. Their writing and chats with me about non-binary transformation have helped me think about one of my characters. They are a genetics scientist, a painter, and a camper van explorer so conversations lead to interesting places. We were sweethearts back when, and it's been wonderful to reconnect  as our newer selves.

Ruth is another person who has helped me in the development of my latest script. Their comments on the fourth draft were so fun, especially about the sexual dynamics that have been the hardest (and darkest) territory for me to write. We met at a baby shower at a brewery in Portland (!). Their background includes being a jack of all trades in  theater, as well as doing sign language interpretation. And playing in boy bands. We followed up by Zoom after Ruth read my script, and I look forward to more convos.

I am beyond blessed to continue to get to know and consult with actor John Taylor Goodwin. The first time we spoke on the phone (when I was casting for my showcase), it was shall we say, deep.  His notes about my latest script were amazing. And after all, his deep devotion to acting helped me envision  my 23-year-old actor character. 

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