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Winter 2024

Hello Friends,

This poem captures what I need, and maybe you do too, at this time in our history, our present, our earth's conflagration:

Try to Praise the Mutilated World

In the spirit of praise, as I'm getting over a long exhausting, wintry few weeks of COVID, I'm remembering lovely highlights of the last months.

From a CrashingAmerica works-in-progress screening, an amazing after-party for Jewelle Gomez's bio pic, and another fun and meaningful filmmaker gathering at the Alchemy Film Foundation.


National Center for Lesbian Rights cozy gathering for donors. Had the honor of having an in-depth conversation with the new-ish executive director, Imani Rupert-Gordon. Fell in love :-) She's visionary, dedicated, and gracious enough to be supportive of Crashing America. We spoke about all the things NCLR is doing behind the scenes to help trans kids, how Imani got inspired by Kate Kendall to be a leader, and wow, she's amazing. Love their slogan now, "Feminist Founded. Advocates for All."


IMG_6293 (1)_edited.jpg

From FALL 2023


Hey, so happy to connect with you all.

So grateful for the many generous folks who contributed to the Trans Law Center and Ali Forney Center at our summer showcase benefit.

 I’ve written a new script for a short film, “You Surprise Me,” a queer intergenerational conversation.


We have a seventh draft of Crashing America now, and an 8th is coming soon. Why? Nanou Matteson,  as  producer, asked for it.  I have her to thank for landing me back in my joyful place, whirling out the pages. And it's better.


Did my first public film screening. Truly loved the work of my fellow panelists, Florencia Manovil,  and Ginger Chen. Had convos afterwards with film folk including actor Romeo Channer, and a sculptor and philosopher! Also great to see doc maker, Nancy Kates. She said the screening reminded her of underground events in the 90s. And amazing to meet writer  Michael Ellsberg, wow! Thank you to the generous spirit,  Madison Young, for hosting this event and also holding filmmaker mixers in SF at The Arbor on Fridays. 



Frances Coombe joined a new trans and body-positive modeling agency, We Speak Models. Preston Ware left Texas for Hollywood, just in time for the strike, but the feature film he stars in will be out soon. India Chappell is updating her actor reel in anticipation of a  SAG  settlement: let’s hope they get as good a contract as the writers. Trell Marcano is studying fencing and wrote a script for a short she directed with a friend, was involved in projects shot in NY and NJ. John Taylor Goodwin is exploring more of his comic stagework­--his entrance had an LA audience laughing before he’d even said a word.  It was the highlight of my year to get to know the actors and develop the script with their creative input and devotion to the vision of Crashing America.



Nanou Matteson taught a screenwriting retreat in Provence (with her sister Elizabeth Stark). She filled up on French food and had much-needed time with her family of origin. Having spent her childhood in Belgium speaking French, Nanou is truly bi-continental.

Let’s talk soon!  Thank you for being part of the Crashing America circle.


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