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Can We Save Our Oceans?

Current Projects

Who's Afraid of Hollywood?

a short film

in pre-production

directed by 

Madison Young

suggested cast

Romeo Channer

Veronica Hart


Fresh from a betrayal by a longtime collaborator, a battle-weary director calls a volatile rising young star to her glam country estate for an audition — to be documented for the reality TV series, “The New Queer Hollywood.”   What could go wrong?

Back to the Wild

Crashing America

a feature film in development

Looking for home in all the wrong places.

Governing Polution

On The Beach At Night

a stage play

Can a theoretical physicist and young poet find a common language? 

Cry Us a River

Deep Fake

a stage play

A  lonely AI programmer searches for meaning in artifice while battling election fraud.

Crashing America

"It's like if Janis Joplin wrote a novel and didn't die on us, but sang the whole damn thing." — Author Eileen Myles

read it

Climate Change, Reversed

a novel


I'm a San Francisco-based author and screenwriter. Over 70 agents and publishers passed on my first novel, CRASHING AMERICA, before a small gay press claimed it. Now a recipient of many honors, it is taught in universities worldwide and considered a landmark work of LGBTQ+ literature.

As an avid sky watcher, I enjoy walking along the harbor at twilight, watching clouds and herons, and spotting constellations: Corona Borealis and the Pleiades are two favorites. 

The travel site Culture Trip listed me as one of Seven Amazing Female Contemporary Writers from SF, but in reality, there are hundreds.

My latest script is "a valentine to the Hollywood-industrial complex." It draws from my exhilarating and nerve-wracking adventures as I work to produce an indie feature film.

Note: Thrilled to announce that Madison Young has just signed on as director and producer of my new short film.

Madison Young is a queer feminist filmmaker and artist that has been smashing stigma in the media for two decades, across multiple mediums and platforms including several critically -acclaimed books, touring with their Off-Broadway one womxn show, Reveal All Fear Nothing, and directing, hosting and producing two seasons of the documentary television series, Submission Possible, for Revry TV.

Young is the writer/director/producer for the forthcoming feature film, By the Roots, an adaptation of their memoir, Daddy. It is executive-produced by Emmy-nominated Silas Howard and stars Emily Robinson of the Emmy-winning series Transparent, Emmy-nominated Margaret Cho, and Lea DeLaria (Orange is the New Black)


Who's Afraid of Hollywood?


Katia Noyes

Reach me: 415.513.6662


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